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Ceviche Sol y Mar

Our house recipe. Fresh and delicious ceviche, served with tortilla chips.

-Fish (100 g.)  $169

-Shrimp (100 g.) $189

-Octopus(100 g.) $269

-Mixed (100 g.) $179


Cazuela Kéex

Delicious cheese mix melted in a clay pot (cazuela), served with handmade corn tortillas, flour tortillas or both.

-Natural  $159

-Pastor Sirloin (50 g.) $220

-Rajas de chile poblano (120 g.) $179

-Chorizo (60 g.) $179


Cazuela Ahuacamolli

Fresh guacamole recipe blank . Served in a clay pot (cazuela), with pico de gallo & option of chile serrano. Accompanied with crunchy corn chips.



Sopes Ensenada

(80 g.) Two delicious sopes Ensenada, Baja style. Handmade thick & round tortillas with battered shrimp, black bean base, shredded lettuce & carrots and fresh cheese. Topped with a creamy chipotle sauce.



Sopes Yucatán

(80 g.) From the Yucatan State for Cancun… Two thick handmade round tortillas with beans and our acclaimed & unique pibil pastor blank . Served with pickled red onions & spicy habanero salsa on the side.



Tunel de Queso

Golden & crispy rolled sheet of shredded cheese. Ideal to share and enjoy with our salsas, made of different chiles, flavors and level of spiciness.



Chicharrón de Pulpo

(150 g.) Fried Caribbean octopus pieces with a touch of chipotle mayo and fresh cilantro. Served with guacamole and tamarind sauce and handmade corn tortillas.



Empanadas Frida

(30 g.) Three tasty fried and crispy corn handmade tortillas, filled with Sirloin pastor and cheese.




Crunchy corn tortilla toasts with a bed of our own bean sauce, topped with mixed cheeses, fresh pico de gallo and pickled jalapeño rings.

-Naturales $149

-Skirt Steak  (80 g.) $239

-Traditional Pastor (80 g.) $179

-Chicken Pastor  (80 g.) $179


Quesadilla Presidente

(150 g.) Caribbean lobster sautéed with poblano strips and a mix of cheeses, served in fluor tortillas. with avocado and mayonnaise & chipotle sauce.